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Secrets of Successful Bloggers

From all I read “Networking” above all is the key to the success of a well read and visited blog to gain followers that will return again and again.


Networking is the Secret Ingredient to Blogging. What is the one secret ingredient to blogging?

Are you a blogger who has tried everything you can think of to improve readership?  Are you tired of being discouraged by falling stats?  Be concerned no more.  There is a definite answer to getting more readership.

This is a follow-up post to How To Be A Successful Blogger: 19 Experts Share Their Secrets.  Even though I just published it a week ago, it is my most successful post.  I am still a relatively new blogger, but the post was getting triple-digit page views for many days after it was published.  According to my definition in 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral,  my interview of the 19 bloggers went viral since it had unusually high page views.

However, despite the favorable response of the readers, the post did not offer a definitive answer since the nineteen experts disagreed…

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How You Can Use Your Blog Readers to Get More Blog Readers

Such an interesting article about gaining more readers.


Use Your Blog Readers Your current blog readers can help you get future blog readers.

Like many bloggers, are you concerned with your stats?  Do you frequently check your number of blog followers and page views hoping to see them rise?

During your visits to your stats, do you ever click the “shares” tab to see if people are sharing your writing with others?

If the goal is to grow your blog, you need more exposure to other readers.  If your current readers share your writing on other forms of social media, their followers will be able to see your link, and you can potentially get more blog followers.

This post will explain how your current readers will be motivated to share your writing with their social media followers.

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23 Things You Should Actually Do Before You’re 23

Suzie Speaks

ImageAt the end of 2013 I saw an article on ‘Freshly Pressed’ that caught my eye. It turns out, it also caught the eyes of thousands of others and over the last few days I have watched it as it has gone viral, spawning thousands of comments that both praise and vilify the author (even to the point where she has been labelled a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore,’ which I have been disgusted at).

I don’t have an opinion on the age that somebody should get married and I am certainly not using this as an opportunity to attack the author. A friend of mine, who married at the age of 22 and who now has two beautiful children once told me that she wanted to share her life with her husband and children rather than living it on her own first, and I thought it was a lovely sentiment…

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The bamboopink Bridal Collection

While your getting ready for school to be out and summer is

starting, there are plans for spring and summer weddings.

Spring is filled with a liveliness and freshness unlike any other season.  And symbolically, it is perhaps the ideal time for a wedding as it represents re-birth, change and new life.

The beautiful flowers of the season are one of the many symbolisms of this “re-birth” and a great inspiration for both your theme and your wedding and a time to share with family.

In preparation you will want to have gifts for your bridesmaids, and the new bamboopink bridal collection offers many choices.









From the Spring and summer collection you can choose for            yourself  a beautiful pair of earrings and your bridal  party.









Starting at $49.00



I would like to share with you this beautiful detailed bracelet the


Our signature Love Knot adds a touch of luxe to this fun yet sophisticated leather cuff. It is detailed with the love knot in 4 places, and an added crystal in the center of the love knot as an accent.


The Gold bamboopink Finish pieces are 24 karat Gold plated which create the stunning Gold shimmer.
The Madrid Cuff in brown and gold sell for $39.00


bamboopink Trunk Show



Hi I am Karren Haller and as a bamboopink representative I would like to offer a fundraiser of a different kind!

SELL A HOT PRODUCT! Let’s face it. Fundraisers such as candy, popcorn and over-priced wrapping paper are worn out. People are tired of the same old thing and want value for their money. As a parent, I know I am tired of the same old stuff!

With a bamboopink  Fundraiser, all materials needed such as Look Book, order forms, envelopes, and instructions will be provided to you. I will be available to help answer any questions that you may have. I want your fundraiser to be a success with minimal effort on your part.

Just a few of the many benefits of

Affordability~ Our prices start at $19.00 and up

Variety~ We have a great variety for ages 16-70

Great gifts~ Our jewelry makes great gifts for holidays, birthdays, graduation and more.

GREAT PROFITABILITY! My bamboopink fundraiser program is designed to be easy and profitable for your organization.

What Are the Profits?

Your organization will receive a check for 20% of all the products sold up to $1999 in sales.  If your fundraiser reaches $2000 in sales (very easy to achieve), then your organization will receive a check for 25% of sales.

Shipping on the products is free and all orders (unless direct shipped, or ordered online) and each order will be inventoried, labeled and sorted. Your products will then be delivered to you, individually packaged, for all of your customers to pick up and enjoy. bamboopink will be delivered approximately 2-3 weeks from the time that the fundraiser is closed out.

Each piece of bamboopink jewerly comes package as a gift in a pink chiffon bag and in and individual box designed for your bamboopink  jewelry piece.

I pay out fundraisers donations on the 10th of the month following the close of the fundraiser, and do require a letter stating that you were paid and how much your organization received.

Contact me today to set up your bamboopink 

bamboopink Leadership Meeting Highlights 5/12/2011


This Information should be posted to your back office soon… I wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect!

1. Product Training- including top 10 selling tips

2. Guide to a successful trunk show

3. Back Office Training

4. Compensation Plan

5. 3+3+3 tips on keeping your business Simple

6. How to be the CEO of your Own Business

7. Team Building Tips

8. Mapping your business plan to emerald

9. DISC training

10. Tax Advantages of Your Home Based Business

These are books and reading material that were shared with us as a part of the leadership training.  I really enjoyed listening to Carolyn Zainer (  an interior designer by trade, as well as a fellow consultant for Bamboopink. Confident and enthusiastic. Her wealth of knowledge in direct sales will be an inspiration to me, and she also shared some wonderful books to learn even more.

Our Susan Bush wrote a chapter in the Build It Big Book!   

Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts

Achievement: A Proven System for NextLevel Growth

The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life

The Business of the 21st Century

The Tripping Point in Leadership: Overcoming Organizational Apathy

“If you wait everything to be perfect, you will miss the perfect opportunity.”

Click and Shop With Smart Phone


 Point and Click

Use Your Smart Phone to Shop


 Host Rewards Program



























Booking Rewards


Booking Jewelry Credits


Booking #















Get Ready………. Get Set

………….Go Shopping

Host credit equals a percentage of the Trunk Show Sales.  For example, with a $1000 Trunk Show the host will earn 25% of sales in free jewelry (retail value), which would be $250 in free jewelry! 


Q. Booking Credit:  


A. The guest who books a Trunk Show will receive a $25 booking credit to be used at their future bamboopink Trunk Show.


*For Trunk Shows with orders between $150 and $229 and four qualified orders, the host will receive a 10% jewelry credit.


Guidelines: A minimum of 4 orders must take place to qualify for the Host Rewards Program Half price item maximum is 5 #


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What is a Trunk Show?

A. A Trunk Show is a gathering of your friends and family where you can socialize and, learn about the fashion trends and jewelry.  Try it on and experience it first-hand.  See your Sponsor on how to hold your very own Virtual Trunk Show.


Q.  What are Outside Orders?

A. Orders that are collected by the Host in advance of the Trunk Show and can be applied towards the Host Rewards Program before the close of the Trunk Show.


Q. How do I receive my jewelry?

A. bamboopink jewelry is shipped directly to your guests.  bamboopink will ship your purchased product via ground shipping service which will arrive within 3-5 business days of order processing. 


We also have an expedited service available.  All jewelry will be wrapped in bamboopink branded packaging ready to give as a gift to yourself or someone else.  


“Convert To Active Consultant”

Call Me I'm Here To Answer Questions!!! 702-332-4383

“Happy Easter”


Now that bamboopink is officially taking orders ~ it is time to take your business to the next level!

On April 29th at 12 Noon EST home office will conduct our first compression.  Any consultants that have not converted to an active status will be compressed out of our system.

Bamboopink Display

To convert to an active consultant ~ you must have purchased a

Jewelry box, sold a piece of jewelry (or) purchase a piece of jewelry  

within your first 30 days of activation.

Don’t let this happen to you!!! Purchase jewelry this week and become part of our team.

To put this all in perspective, here is a video from my mentor, Meredith Kallaher, she created it Thursday and I wanted to share with you, I enjoyed her view point, it is packed with information, and so much easier than reading, so take a 5 minutes and see why I was so excited about it.
Part Two


 I am loving my couture collection, and I want everyone to have the

opportunity to start their business off right,

so I am offering a special to my personal 1st line business partners.

 Pay If Forward 

"Courture Box"

 If anyone purchases the couture box by April 30th, I am offering to give you back the 
"20%" commission I would normally make" from that purchase. 
So instead of the couture box costing you $995.00, 
once I refund you the 20% it will cost you $796.00 
and you will receive approximately 28 pieces of jewelry to share or sell.

That is a savings to you of $199.00.


“So, with the savings on the purchase of the couture box, and if you sold all the
pieces at Retail Value of $1700.00 you could earn $904.00.”
I will return this to you in a PayPal as part of my incentive to help you get started as an
independent bamboopink consultant and business partner.
If you purchase the “couture collection” you are automatically at the Ruby Level (see the attached flyer)
AND you have jewelry on hand to wear, display, and even Sell immediately!


Ruby Level

Dont forget that if you place an order for one of the jewelry collections, you will earn the fast start bonus which is 20% from any of your downline purchases and you will receive (1) 50% off coupon by
Email from home office to use to buy 1 each, single pieces from the collection.
I’m Here You Can Call Me!!!
Karren Haller
Independent ConsultantBamboopink

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