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“Convert To Active Consultant”

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“Happy Easter”


Now that bamboopink is officially taking orders ~ it is time to take your business to the next level!

On April 29th at 12 Noon EST home office will conduct our first compression.  Any consultants that have not converted to an active status will be compressed out of our system.

Bamboopink Display

To convert to an active consultant ~ you must have purchased a

Jewelry box, sold a piece of jewelry (or) purchase a piece of jewelry  

within your first 30 days of activation.

Don’t let this happen to you!!! Purchase jewelry this week and become part of our team.

To put this all in perspective, here is a video from my mentor, Meredith Kallaher, she created it Thursday and I wanted to share with you, I enjoyed her view point, it is packed with information, and so much easier than reading, so take a 5 minutes and see why I was so excited about it.
Part Two


 I am loving my couture collection, and I want everyone to have the

opportunity to start their business off right,

so I am offering a special to my personal 1st line business partners.

 Pay If Forward 

"Courture Box"

 If anyone purchases the couture box by April 30th, I am offering to give you back the 
"20%" commission I would normally make" from that purchase. 
So instead of the couture box costing you $995.00, 
once I refund you the 20% it will cost you $796.00 
and you will receive approximately 28 pieces of jewelry to share or sell.

That is a savings to you of $199.00.


“So, with the savings on the purchase of the couture box, and if you sold all the
pieces at Retail Value of $1700.00 you could earn $904.00.”
I will return this to you in a PayPal as part of my incentive to help you get started as an
independent bamboopink consultant and business partner.
If you purchase the “couture collection” you are automatically at the Ruby Level (see the attached flyer)
AND you have jewelry on hand to wear, display, and even Sell immediately!


Ruby Level

Dont forget that if you place an order for one of the jewelry collections, you will earn the fast start bonus which is 20% from any of your downline purchases and you will receive (1) 50% off coupon by
Email from home office to use to buy 1 each, single pieces from the collection.
I’m Here You Can Call Me!!!
Karren Haller
Independent ConsultantBamboopink

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